How to Play PS1 Games on android

Okay before already share a way to play games PS1 on Android, apropos of yesterday there is the disadvantage this time share the latest version guarantee easy and simple ... In addition to this much better support for all HP ataoupun android tablet ... Anyway the recomeded bro...

How to install? emulator PS1 on android;
1. Download emulatornya here download bios here
2. Next intsall-once completed
3. go to application Run-click automated scan already and later editor and game
definitely need a PS1 ROMS or isonya ...
for isonya can I download here Complete


Play Games Tekken 3 on Android

Excess emulator ePSXe
1. There is an automatic cheat .. support for all games
2. Could be in play in the Multi Players-use the joystick
3. no need to elaborate settings
4. no error